If you lived in or visited the city of power and cherry blossoms,
Washington D.C., in the 1960's, you may - along with over 500,000 people - have picked up a copy
of the original book as a souvenir, the sales of which generated many contributions to the
Gold Star Wives military family support organization of the day.

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Who's Who In the Kitchen: 1961 Nostalgia Edition
True Home Recipes from Washington's Power Elite of the 1960s.

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We've spent a lot of time rebuilding, updating & annotating;
now we are pleased now to make this wonderful book available again!

In it's day in the 1960's, this cookbook was a D.C. area tourist favorite, a best-seller, offered in all of the hotels, bookstores, and sightseeing destinations around the nation's capital. It sold over 2 million copies in its heyday!


This book was popular then for several reasons.

First, it didn't contain mimeographed off-the-shelf recipes, but actual, personal recipes, family recipes of the glitterati of the D.C. power scene of the day, written down on napkins and via memories by the dignitaries and celebrities or (as often was the case) their spouses. Second, in so doing, the recipes often displayed the quirks of each individual character from that era, sometimes surprisingly so. The recipes in the original book often included whimsical notes sent directly to the editors that altogether made this a truly entertaining little book to own or - as was often the case - as a gift.

The result? A snapshot of these politicians that you'd never see otherwise.

Today, Who's Who in the Kitchen - 1961 Nostalgia Edition, offers a unique window on some fascinating historical figures' tastes in the world's most powerful city from some of the most impactful times in our nation's history. But it's also fun gift especially for those who remember the celebrities and politicos of the day. If you have a baby boomer — just about anybody born after 1946 — this book will be a happy walk down memory line and certainly "food" for conversation for years to come!

Old Enough to Remember? If you were of age in the 1960's, the personalities of both Hollywood and our nation's capital were around you almost every day - on radio, TV, and in newspapers. These were the people whose names you couldn't escape if you had ears and eyes — people who were at the center of such historical events as the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Civil Rights March, The Great Society, the dawn of the TV sitcom, The Korean War, The Cold War, The Vietnam War, the beginning of the British music revolution, the assassination of President Kennedy, and so much more.

Washington D.C. was often center stage at that time, led by a formal and informal class of politicians and celebrities representing all 50 states, all branches of government, and all forms of the judiciary and the entertainment and literary classes. These were the men and women who were often "household names", people of influence, people who impacted their times.

As befits a book that was originally sourced through the Gold Star Wives military organization, it was often the wives (and back then it was usually the wife who was either cooking directly or supervising the same) who did the cooking. These were real recipes. Who's Who in the Kitchen was not composed of the kind of celebrity "recipes" one sees nowadays -- the mass-copied, PR-department-sourced recipes handed out by fan club secretaries or press agents. These recipes were the personal favorites from the families of the luminaries, recipes cooked by their wives, mothers, grandmothers or other family members, handed down or created themselves. These were personal favorites and as such, they open an entertaining window on them that wouldn't otherwise be seen.

For this reason alone Who's Who in the Kitchen is a truly unique cookbook, not just a typical "celebrity cookbook" where the provider may have never even tasted the recipe he/she submits.

But don't expect all to be culinary masterpieces here! These are home-cooked style favorites; a fancy Food Network masterpiece is not likely to be found here. Indeed some of these recipes are very simple or may appear even eccentric in some ways, laughingly homespun. Others are surprisingly creative and complex and worthy of consideration perhaps as high cuisine by the more gifted home chefs of the day. Regardless -- and this is crucial -- each recipe represents a true favorite of the 1960s politician, lawyer, actress, or other celebrity who donated it. That alone sets Who's Who in the Kitchen apart from other cookbooks.

So... go ahead! Plan a retro party and create the same dishes the heroes of the day loved: Eat what they loved to eat, even as you read more about what made them famous.

Sidebar: The most detailed recipes often include personal liner notes which we have faithfully included verbatim as well, along with a small historical background summary of some of the key politicians and luminaries of the time.

Here are a View Sample Recipes Below.
The full-color book includes annotations and selected biographies
with over 195 pages including all of the great old original art.

Remember These Names of Yesteryear? Here's What They Loved to Eat.

  • Sen. Eugene McCarthy's Wild Rice w/ Chicken Livers
  • Sen. Barry Goldwater's Ranch-Style Frijoles
  • Pres. Lyndon B. Johnson's Old-Time Sugar Cookies
  • Entertainer Ted Mack's Chili Con Carne
  • Henry "Scoop" Jackson's Special Waffles
  • Actor Andy Griffith's Veal Picante
  • Entertainer Bob Hope's Lemon Pie
  • Sen. John Tower's Chili Del Torre
  • Sen. George McGovern's Boned Chicken Breasts
  • U.S. Senator Albert Gore Sr.'s Jam Cake
  • Sec. of the AF Eugene Zuckert's Cheese Charmers
  • Sec. of Defense Robert McNamara's Beef Bourguignon
  • Sen. Harry F. Byrd's Old Fashion Apple Pie
  • Vice President Hubert Humphrey's Beef Soup
  • Sec. of State Dean Rusk's Minestrone a La Milanese
  • Comedian Jimmy Durante's Umbriago Salad
  • Actor Douglas Fairbanks Jr.'s Pete's Spaghetti
  • Chicago Mayor John Daly Sr.'s Chicken Tarragon
  • Singer Bing Crosby's Polynesian Chicken a la Mode
  • Comedian Lucille Ball's Lucy's Casserole
  • Comedian George Burn's Country Fried Steak
  • Actress Joan Crawford's Kidney Bean Salad
  • U.N. Amb. Arthur Goldberg's Coffee Brittle Balls
  • Amb. Averill Harriman's Clams Southside
  • Amb to Vietnam Henry Cabot Lodge's Vegetable Soup
  • U.S. Sup. Ct. Justice John M. Harlan's Dressed Duck
  • U.S. Sup Ct. Justice Byron R. White's Chocolate Icebox
  • U.S. Sup. Ct. Justice Sherman Minton's Butter Cookies
  • General Maxwell D. Taylor's Ten Minute Mock Pizza
  • Sen. Abraham Ribicoff's Cheese Cake
  • Sen. Herman Talmadge's Basic Baked Ham
  • Sen. Daniel K. Inouye's Pineapple Chiffon Pie
  • Sen. Birch Bayh's Greenbean Casserole
  • Gov. John Connally's Crusty Cornbread
  • Gov. Nelson Rockefeller's Baked NY Apples w/Nut Fill
  • Director Alfred Hitchcock's Quiche Lorraine
  • Gov. George Wallace's West Indies Salad
  • Sen. Frank Church's Ice Box Rolls Speciality
  • Sen. Eugene McCarthy's Wild Rice with Chicken Livers
  • Sen. Walter Mondale's Chocolate Upside-Down Cake
  • Sen. Sam Ervin's Hamburger Patties Baked in BB Sauce
  • Singer Danny Kaye's Tempura
  • Entertainer Art Linkletter's Stewed Chicken
  • U.S. Senate Restaurant's Original Senate Bean Soup
  • Actress Helen Hayes' Meat Loaf
  • Columnist Hedda Hopper's Cheese Pie
  • Conductor Arthur Fiedler's Hungarian Goulash
  • Actress Jane Fonda's Buckwheat Bread
  • Actress Judy Garland's Famous Pancakes
  • Astronaut John Glenn's Ham Loaf
  • Sen. Margaret Chase Smith's Maine Clam Chowder
  • Sen Edmund Muskie's Maine-Baked Stuffed Lobster
  • Sen. Joseph D. Tydings' Beef Stroganoff
  • Sen. James O. Eastland's Brunswick Stew
  • Sen. Lee Metcalf's Pheasant Fricasee
  • Sen. Howard Cannon's Lime and Lemon Jellied Salad
  • Sen. Jacob Javits' Shrimp Curry Lall
  • Sen. Strom Thurmond's Pecan Pie
  • Sen. Donald Russell's Jelly-Butter Ball Cookies
  • Sen. Warren Magnuson's Baked Apples
  • Sen. William Proxmire's Cranberry Salad
  • Sen. Wilbur Mills Broccoli Casserole
  • Pennsylvania Gov. William Scranton's Cheese Pie
  • Singer Dean Martin's Dino's Italian Burgers
  • Actress Sophia Loren's Sophia's Eggplant
  • Philan. Claire Boothe Luce's Gourmet Ceasar Salad
  • Sen John W. Fulbright's Damsom Plum Preserve
  • General Dwight D. Eisenhower's Quail Hash
  • Dep. Secy of Def. Cyrus Vance's Broccoli Soup Tosca
  • Comedian Steve Allen's Cheeseburgers
  • And many more

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